Turnkey farms

The full spectrum of competence in the design and implementation of photovoltaic projects allows us to efficiently build your investment from
A to Z.
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we help choose or evaluate an already selected location
We verify whether the plot meets a number of criteria: dimensions, sun exposure, distance to the distribution line. We establish preliminary connection conditions and analyse the provisions of the Local Spatial Development Plan.


we prepare the conceptual design
● specification of all devices and components
● description of the investment along with an assessment of its impact on the surroundings
● visualisations and maps of the PV farm location
● precise investment cost estimate


we provide assistance in obtaining conditions for connection and a promise of a concession.
In addition to preparing an application for granting the conditions, we also help gather other documents, including land title, zoning conditions, and preview maps.


Comprehensive farm construction
We level and fence the site, prepare foundations, install tables, modules and inverters with cabling, install the transformer station.

What does the PV system construction process include?

Lease Agreement

 It provides the right to dispose of the property. Specific location requirements must be met for the construction of a solar farm.

The project

It includes visualisation, investment description, cost estimate. It gives you an opportunity to apply for grants.

Environmental decision

It is required for an area over 0.5 ha (protected site) or 1 ha (other). It takes 4-6 months to obtain it.

Development conditions

Are required in case there is no Local Spatial Development Plan. It takes 3-5 months to obtain them.

Connection conditions

These are issued by the distribution network operator within 120 days from the submission of the connection application.

Connection agreement

Is signed between the investor and the distribution network operator within approximately 2 months of the issue of the connection conditions.

Building Permit

Required to begin construction of the installation. Depending on the complexity of the project, it can take from one to several months to obtain the permit.


 The time needed to build an average-sized 1 MW photovoltaic farm, from the beginning of construction to its formal completion, i.e. obtaining an occupancy permit, is about 7 months.


This is granted by the Energy Regulatory Authority.


Remote support and service.

Energy sales

We can handle the process of selling energy.

Why work with us?

we provide construction managers and engineers.

we have our own professional equipment

we report at every stage of construction works

we perform complete metering

we offer assistance in the signing of agreements with the distributor

we make the notifications to the distribution network operators in connection with the acceptance procedure