Purchasing wind projects

We buy out wind projects at various stages of development and carry out further procedures to sell the green energy generated.

We have 293 MW of wind farms

Wind projects diversify the energy investment portfolio of Projekt Solartechnik.

The amendment to the Wind Project Investment Act will give the opportunity to further develop the wind projects and sell them through RES auctions.

10-H Distance Act

The wind energy sector in Poland is waiting for the amendment to the Wind Energy Investment Act, which will allow for dynamic development of the commenced and planned projects.

A change in wind construction rules is anticipated by the whole energy sector, as well as business and energy-intensive industries. Introducing energy generated by wind farms into the grid will reduce wholesale electricity prices. For large end users, this will increase the availability of PPA electricity supply.

Liberalising the 10H Act will also boost the economy at the local and national level.

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    Wind farms at various stages of development in the portfolio of
    Projekt Solartechnik