We specialise in large-scale solar farms. We have several years of experience in leasing land from private individuals, companies and local authorities.

Projekt Solartechnik is a guarantee of satisfaction and stable profit. We give the land development opportunity for soil classes IV-VI.

lease your land and start making money off it

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    * Mandatory fields


    make money off your land all year round

    payment made
    once a year

    after opening the solar farm

    additional bonuses

    one-time payment for the landowner credited once the first 1 MW of the farm power is in operation

    profit scale

    If 10 ha are leased, the income over 29 years will amount to PLN 4 350 000

    Is your plot of land
    suitable for a photovoltaic installation?

    site area of:
    at least 1 ha

    minimal required width
    40 m

    medium or high voltage grid in the vicinity

    soil class
    IV, V, VI

    no facilities shading the plot

    and designated for production or without a local spatial development plan

    land lease process


    Contacting a PST representative


    Signing the agreement between the landowner and PST


    Preparing the system design concept by PST


    Obtaining of necessary permits and administrative decisions by PST (environmental decision, connection conditions, connection agreement)


    Preparing the construction project and obtaining the construction permit


    Initiating construction works of photovoltaic farm by PST - from this date we pay regular rent


    Acceptance of the farm and obtaining a permit for use by the PST


    Obtaining a concession or entering the Register of renewable Energy Generators in Small-scale Installations at the Energy Regulatory Office by PST


    Annual payment of the regular rent adjusted for inflation according to the CSO, which is made in advance at the beginning of the year.


    Running regular maintenance activities on the farm by the PST


    At the end of the lease period, cleaning up of the installations and restoration of the plot to its original state performed by PST.

    cooperation with local authorities

    The following entities decided to place their trust in us when it comes to land lease: