Projekt Solartechnik

We implement projects in the area of photovoltaics industrial power engineering. We have gained experience in several European markets. We are working with great energy, which is why we are growing so rapidly.

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The future.

We are passionate about our industry and are one of the few companies in Poland offering a full spectrum of photovoltaic solutions.

We have a professional development team, our own construction and implementation facilities and a design office specialising in PV projects. Our offer includes our very own solutions and mounting systems, we build our own photovoltaic installations and sell components. We effectively support the development of the photovoltaic sector in Poland and ultimately also in other European markets.

The comprehensive offer
of Projekt Solartechnik
is carried out by special purpose companies.

Projekt Solartechnik Group

Construction of photovoltaic and wind farms. Offer for companies looking to reduce their electricity costs. RES solutions for businesses.

Projekt Solartechnik Development

Land acquisition for wind and solar farms. Purchasing and developing RES projects. Dealing with the arrangements required for the construction of the farms.

Projekt Solartechnik Germany

Developing the photovoltaic projects in Germany. Extended offer including the agrivoltaics and solar farms on water (floating).

PST Service

Maintenance and repair of photovoltaic and wind farms. Module replacement and year-round monitoring.

PST Steel

Designing and manufacturing steel structures to enable the installation of PV systems on the ground. Solutions for standard PV farms and for agrivoltaics.

PST Sundeal

Wholesale supplier of PV components: photovoltaic modules, inverters, mounting structures, junction boxes and other electrical accessories.

Mission statement


  • we believe in achieving a common vision
  • we follow our value system
  • we focus on the future
  • we strongly believe that betting on education and development is the highest value for society


  • we make bold and important decisions
  • we take responsibility for our own and our team's decisions and actions
  • we set high standards for ourselves in terms of taking initiative
  • we always act in the best interests of the company


  • we are loyal to each other, we communicate openly and honestly
  • we respect diverse opinions
  • we are open to change and innovation
  • we talk about and learn from the mistakes we make


  • we trust each other, and we make a great team
  • we listen and learn from others, taking into account every voice in the discussion
  • once the decision is made, we work together to achieve the goal
  • we celebrate the successes of our people by promoting them within the organisation


  • we always keep our word
  • we are reliable and honest
  • we follow the rules of fair play
  • we fulfil our commitments

Projekt Solartechnik is a member of the Polish Photovoltaic Association, the Polish Wind Energy Association and RE-Source Poland partner.