AGRO Partner PST

The AGRO Partner PST project is a network of partnerships between Projekt Solartechnik and companies in the AGRO sector.

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Join us.

We are looking for companies that help customers who use agricultural land as part of their business.

The purpose of cooperation is to achieve mutual financial benefits and expand the scope of activities.

We offer a flexible approach to the terms of cooperation.

Partner benefits resulting from the cooperation
with Projekt Solartechnik

the possibility of achieving additional, high profit without any costs

preferential conditions for using the offer of Projekt Solartechnik
(PV systems, selling components, charging stations)

confidence resulting from cooperation with a fully solvent, experienced and trusted partner

cooperation with a leading PV company in Poland, which guarantees technical and substantive support

security, lack of risk associated with the establishing a lasting business relationship (assistance of FAMUR and TDJ)

promotional activities run by Projekt Solartechnik

  • placing the Partner’s name and logo on the website
  • joint actions in social media informing about the beginning of cooperation
  • delivery of visual identification elements of the project (poster, wall, stand for leaflets and brochures) and periodical delivery of marketing materials (leaflets, brochures) to the Partner’s office/points of sale
  • presentation of the “AGRO Partner PST” Quality Certificate

the process of establishing business relationship


sales pitch


signing the partnership agreement


providing training for indicated Partner's employees in the scope of offered services


equipping the partner office with marketing materials


reaping the benefits of cooperation