We started with the German market and the construction of one of the largest solar farms in Europe. We developed further competences by carrying out projects in various parts of Europe. We draw on the strength of our experience in our efforts to dynamic company growth, both in Poland and abroad.


Our history begins - the company is registered in Germany.


The Projekt Solartechnik is building one of the largest solar farms in Europe, in Bautzen, with a capacity of 38 MW. Start of operations in Poland.


Projects in England, Belgium, France, Germany, Romania and Hungary.


Projekt Solartechnik starts new photovoltaic projects in Poland. In the RES auction organised by the Energy Regulatory Office the company wins all bids.


Establishment of Projekt Solartechnik Development - a company responsible for acquiring land for the construction of solar farms, purchasing and developing renewable energy projects and processing the agreements necessary to build the farms.


Projekt Solartechnik completes 300 MW of PV farm projects. At the end of the year, it holds a portfolio of over 150 MW of projects with RES auction wins.


Start of cooperation with the family-run investment company TDJ and the FAMUR Group. Projekt Solartechnik project wins RES auction for 175 MW projects. Establishment of a B2B department, responsible for the business offer of Projekt Solartechnik. The Dresden office is in charge for the company's offer for the German market.


The portfolio of PV projects, managed by Projekt Solartechnik in Poland, has exceeded 2.7 GW. With a loan of over 400 million, the company will develop 140 PV projects with a total capacity of 134 MW.