cPPA and PPA power sales contracts

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (cPPAs) are one of the global energy trends. 

It is a formula designed for entities that want to use energy directly from renewable energy sources. Our broad portfolio of RES projects allows us to efficiently offer customers this form of energy contracting. The independence of RES from future coal and gas prices allows us to secure costs.

Contracts are concluded for periods ranging from 5 to 15 years.

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sale of green energy from PV farms - cPPAs

The contract is signed directly between the electricity producer and the consumer, i.e. the buyer, and specifies the quantity of energy to be supplied, the price for the transactions, the forms of settlement and the duration of the cooperation.

The contract secures energy costs over a long time horizon.

The use of energy from RES is one of the criteria in ESG reporting, the fulfilment of which translates into development opportunities for companies, access to financing and expansion of markets.

types of cPPAs

We offer different contract types depending on where the energy is generated, how it is transferred and the number of parties. We ensure that the best solution is selected to meet the individual customer’s expectations.

Sprzedaż energii z fotowoltaiki

one producer sells energy
to several consumers

Sprzedaż energii z fotowoltaiki

one buyer obtains energy
from several producers

Sprzedaż energii z fotowoltaiki

the purchaser obtains the electricity directly from the producer, without intermediaries. This is only possible if the photovoltaic installation is located in the immediate vicinity.

Sprzedaż energii z fotowoltaiki

the producer uses an intermediary to deliver the energy to the consumer. Usually these are power plants that use the public grid for this purpose.

Sprzedaż energii z fotowoltaiki

near site direct wire
the photovoltaic installation is not located in the immediate vicinity of the consumer, but the distance is short. This allows a dedicated transmission line to be established so that no intermediaries need be involved in the process.

financial cPPA (CfD-Contract for Difference)

An agreement between a generator and a consumer in which both parties sell/buy energy on the market (either from the seller or directly from the Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A. – POLPX).

Two contracts are in force here: one between the consumer and the generator, the other between each of these entities and the trading company or POLPX.

physical cPPA

A contract between a generator and a consumer in which the parties undertake to physically transfer energy.

The trading company has a double function: the intermediary and the entity that will help the parties to settle and balance the accounts