We offer comprehensive services for managing photovoltaic farms. We provide 24/7 monitoring. We have several service teams across the country.

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Our specialisations in power-station automation (EAZ) and commissioning

we conduct thermovision examinations of devices and station equipment

we configure and activate security devices: Siemens Siprotec 4, MiCOM Px30, E2TANGO, UTX

we test current and voltage transformers and circuit breakers

we perform inspections of electrical installations for measurement of insulation resistance, continuity of protective and equipotential bonding, earth loop impedance measurement, testing of residual current devices, illumination intensity measurement, testing of lightning protection system equipment and grounding resistance, periodic testing.

we perform inspections and post-assembly measurements of primary and secondary parts, functional tests, commissioning and start-up of LV, MV and GPO switchgears

we perform measurements and diagnostic tests of MV/NN transformers

we test the performance of power-station automation (EAZ) of LV, MV and GPO switchgears

we perform measurements of MV cable lines and electric shock protection, i.e. shock and contact voltages