3.1 GW pipeline of PV projects Projekt Solartechnik

3,1 GW Projekt Solartechnik

As of the beginning of 2023, we manage 3092 MW of photovoltaic projects at various stages of development, while a year earlier the pipeline stood at 1288 MW. In December 2022, the obtained connection capacities for photovoltaic projects (880 MW), wind power plants (10 MW) and energy storage (202 MW) exceeded 1 GW.

We started 2023 with 199 photovoltaic farms with RTB status (ready to build) with a total capacity of 247 MW. Nationwide, the number of completed constructions in 2022 was 138. In Poland, we have secured nearly 3,872 hectares of land for the construction of solar power plants and nearly 471 hectares for wind farms.

We are thriving and do not intend to stop. We are looking to acquire and develop further photovoltaic, wind and energy storage projects. We are effective at every stage of the development process in Poland, and we will also use our know-how in foreign markets, developing the structures of the Projekt Solartechnik Group.