Work, passion, life – a meeting with Piotr Pustelnik

spotkanie z Piotrem Pustelnikiem

At the top of Katowice’s .KTW II office building, employees of Projekt Solartechnik took part in a meeting with an exceptional guest – Piotr Pustelnik, mountaineer, conqueror of the Crown of the Himalayas and Karakorum. Our guest shared his experiences from numerous high-mountain expeditions, telling us about the challenges that accompany climbing the highest peaks in the world. He also showed us the importance of perseverance, determination and teamwork, without which achieving goals would be very difficult. His passion, courage and steadfastness were an excellent inspiration, showing that through hard work even the greatest adversity can be overcome.

The event will certainly remain in our memory for a long time, motivating us to take on new challenges in both our professional and personal lives.

Piotr Pustelnik was the third Polish Himalayan climber (after Jerzy Kukuczka and Krzysztof Wielicki) to conquer all 14 peaks above 8000 meters above sea level. The crown was closed by an ascent of Annapurna (8091m) in 2010. He is the creator of the “Three Crowns” project, that is, the idea of climbing the Crown of the Earth, the Crown of the Earth (the second-highest peaks of the continents) and the Crown of the Himalayas and Karakorum.