The largest meeting of the PV industry in Poland

Spotkanie branży PV z udziałem pracowników Projekt Solartechnik. Przygaszone światła w sali konferencyjnej. Na środku scena, na której zasiada na musztardowych fotelach siedmioro ekspertów. Za nimi wielki ekran na którym na białym tle wyświetlana jest prezentacja dotycząca OZE.

The role of the photovoltaic sector in building Europe’s energy independence, possible scenarios for the energy transition in Poland, a diagnosis of development barriers, as well as photovoltaics for business, profitability of PV projects, new technologies, and agro-voltaics – these were just some of the topics discussed during the debates of the PV 2022 Congress.

 In addition to the inspiring and substantive discussions, the undoubted value of the event was the business meetings, backstage talks and exchange of experiences. Gathering representatives of the Polish PV industry in one place made it possible to diagnose challenges and propose solutions that resonate with a strong voice.

 The PV 2022 Congress took place on 1-2 June in Warsaw and was organised by the Polish Photovoltaics Association, of which the Solartechnik Project is a member. 


See you next year!