PST Trade provides green energy for FAMUR

PST fotowoltaika

From 1 July this year PST Trade has been providing Famur with electricity from the photovoltaic farms owned by Projekt Solartechnik. The contract also provides for 100% of the volume of energy supplied to be covered by guarantees of origin. This is the first agreement for the sale of green energy to a supplier of technology and products for the mining and wind energy sector, a business segment of the Grenevia Group. The electricity purchased from PST Trade will cover 100 per cent of Famur’s energy needs.
– Soon other companies belonging to the Grenevia Group will also benefit from the green energy supplied by us,’ says Tomasz Bodetko, Vice-President of PST Trade. – We are united by common values and effective action for the future. PST Trade’s mission is to use the potential of the Group’s green energy and external RES to offer green energy to business customers in different pricing models and for different contract periods. We are one of the few in the market to give the customer the opportunity to own a PV power plant and be a self-producer of energy, which is in line with current ESG trends,” he adds.