Projekt Solartechnik business strategy for 2023-2027

farma fotowoltaiczna

The main directions and assumptions of the business strategy adopted in May this year focus on pillars such as product and geographic diversification, a broad project pipeline, the establishment of its own energy trading company, project sales and, at the same time, operation as an independent power generator with its own portfolio of power plants (IPP).

The goals we want to achieve by the end of 2027 are: 1500 MW of ready-to-build (RtB) PV projects in the country and 1500 MW RtB of PV projects in foreign markets, development of 400 MW RtB of energy storage projects, development of 170 MW RtB of wind projects, construction of our own portfolio of PV farms (IPP) with a total capacity of 844 MW, establishment of an energy trading company, sale of 844 MW COD and contracting of PPA/cPPA from our own 844 MW farms (IPP).

At the initial stage of overseas expansion, we are developing our business in the German, French, Romanian and Spanish markets in addition to Poland.

“Running a business that changes the face of the European energy industry and soccer are my two great passions. You can be successful in both with effective tactics that take into account the dynamically changing reality. Over the past months, we have been working on a development strategy for the next five years. Our goal is to achieve mastery, which we understand as leading to the maximization of the group’s value and entering the podium of leading European companies specializing in the implementation and investment in renewable energy sources.” – Maciej Marcjanik, CEO of Projekt Solartechnik.