Foro Solar conference in Spain

Kolaż dwóch zdjęć z lewej strony widok z góry na prelegentów występujących podczas konferencji Foro Solar w Hiszpanii z prawej strony uczestnik konferencji pracownik Projekt Solartechnik Marcin Ostrzonsek

Challenges and opportunities of the RES and PV industry after the recent regulatory changes, the volatile electricity market in Europe, energy storage and the dynamic development of solar PV for personal use were the topics discussed by representatives of major PV companies, sustainability, regulatory and project financing experts at the ninth edition of the Foro Solar conference in Spain.

The event was organised by UNEF (Spanish Solar PV association), a Spanish association that brings together 750 companies with solar installations totalling almost 18 GW. It was another opportunity for us to deepen our knowledge and analysis of the Spanish market and to have valuable meetings.