Eight PV farms under new ownership as of today

PST finalizacja transakcji z KGHM

We have finalised the sale of eight photovoltaic farms to KGHM Polska Miedź. The installations, with a total capacity of approximately 50 MW, which already belong to one of the largest electricity consumers in Poland, are located in Głogów (Lower Silesia Province), Gniewino (Pomerania Province), and Koryty (Łódź Province), with the Żuki installation (Wielkopolska Province) already belonging to the copper company as of October 2023. The photovoltaic farms purchased by KGHM will provide approximately two per cent of KGHM’s electricity needs.

As part of the after-sales service, O&M Projekt Solartechnik will be responsible for the maintenance of the large-scale projects.

The success of the transaction is also the fruit of the involvement of representatives of TDJ, PwC and GNZ LEGAL Gorzelnik Nentwig Ziębiński sp.kom.

We started our cooperation with KGHM Polska Miedź in 2022 with a pioneering PPA for the sale of energy produced at one of our PV farms. Thank you for your trust and cooperation.

fot. KGHM