Roof installations

Investing in photovoltaics is the fastest way to reduce your energy costs. Having a customised installation for your business will bring a certain edge in the market. We will make sure you’re comfortable at every stage of cooperation.


What site parameters affect the design process
for a rooftop installation?

size and type of roof – these parameters will help to determine what type of installation is needed: construction for flat roofs, pitched roofs, free-standing systems

roof pitch

roofing: trapezoidal sheet, ceramic tile, metal tile, etc.

roof support structure on which the roof layers are placed

roof orientation in relation to the sun

including shading elements

What is the installation design process?


gathering comprehensive site information for the designed installation,


estimation of the capacity of the installation - so that it covers the demand of the company,


preparing conceptual drawings for placement of PV structures,


performing concept review with the client, input of any comments and approval,


issuing the detailed drawings with placement of PV structures,


detailed calculation of energy gains from the planned investment.

Find out how much you will save with a PV installation.

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