Central Europe’s largest business event

Europejski Kongres Gospodarczy

During the 16th European Economic Congress in Katowice, among the topics of debates and panel discussions we found many issues of interest: renewable energy sources, trends and technologies, trends in Poland, Europe, the world, regulations, PPAs, industry with its own green energy, energy storage, green strategies, hydrogen and hydrogen economy or ESG regulations. During numerous meetings and behind-the-scenes talks, we also introduced PST Trade’s offer for business – the sale of ready-made photovoltaic farms, as well as the sale of green energy through cPPA/PPA agreements.

The 16th edition of the European Economic Congress was attended by 17,000 participants and 1,200 panelists. The event not only provides a platform to discuss current economic challenges, but is also an excellent place to exchange knowledge and experience about the energy market.