Industrial power engineering


We love the challenges associated with working on large contracts for industrial energy. We are specialists in this field.

  • Maintenance of LV, MV and HV devices and systems
  • Executing electrical systems
  • Executing low-current systems
  • Implementing projects regarding investment into renewable energy sources
  • Design and development of supply and control systems, control and measurement instruments and automation in industrial plants
  • Design and development of telecommunications systems
  • Design and development of area protection systems (CCTV, Access Control, Fire Signalling, Alarm Systems)
  • Design and development of Control and Supervision Systems




  • SCADA System installation and setup
  • Design
  • Investment supervision and advice
  • MV switchgear
  • LV switchgear
  • Modernisation and renovation of main supply points and power system automation
  • Fiber-optic routes (OPGW and ADL)
  • MV and LV network modernisation
  • 15/0.4kV transformer stations

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