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P+S Group is the outcome of combining forces and experiences of companies that are responsible for spectacular projects in the scope of traditional power and renewable energy sources. The company operates in Poland and countries of Western Europe. In the upcoming future, the company is planning to expand onto the Ukrainian and Russian markets.
Our main advantage consists of experienced and highly-qualified engineering and technical staff. They make it possible to execute projects at the highest level, taking into account the latest technologies and standards. Besides a highly-experienced implementation department, the staff members have developed their skills on the very demanding German market. We also have an internal design office bringing together the most talented designers and developers in Poland.

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Strengths of P+S Group

Why cooperate with us?

Our projects are always delivered on time

Timely delivery of projects in our industry is closely associated with reduction of costs, while delays cause increase of costs. Our company is portrayed as one that always plans and executes its works according to the schedule.

Advanced Machinery

Each year, we invest in completely new technologies and add new machines to our park. We are able to execute each investment assigned to us independently. Ask us for a detailed list of machines!

Internal Design Office

Our comprehensive offer is the key element that evidences commitment of our company to executing your projects. Careful selection of employees is the reason why our design office is one of the best.

Experienced development teams

Our development teams have worked on power projects in the entire Central and Western Europe. The experience we have acquired enables perfect organisation of work on a construction site.

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The broad scope of our activity is the reason why we are only presenting a few of our numerous projects.

Each project undertaken by us is exceptional. We learnt something new and it allowed us to improve our competences. Upon request, we can present a full list of completed investments.

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Feel free to contact our office. We are available every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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