Photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic systems are a proven way to reduce operating costs. A fully customised solution for your business will yield the maximum return on your solar investment. The use of RES in daily operations is an expression of a responsible approach to business.

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PV installation in the immediate vicinity (on-site) of up to 50 kWp

the easiest and quickest investment (even up
to 45 days)

no need to apply for permits and approvals

annual capacity of up to 55 MWh, the value of which, assuming full self-consumption, could exceed PLN 70,000 per year

investing in your own solar power plant will pay for itself
in just 3 years

the option to obtain investment funds through leasing or credit guarantees savings right from the start

Why invest in photovoltaics?

stable energy costs

the production of energy from renewable sources is not affected by the increase in electricity market prices

additional income

you can sell electricity back to the grid

company image

being committed to sustainability is more and more important to customers, employees, investors

Benefits of photovoltaic installation for businesses

Reject limitations and rising energy bills

Investing in photovoltaics is the fastest way to reduce your energy costs. Having a customised installation for your business will bring a certain edge in the market.

Don't just save money, make more!

Our experts will help you select the suitable PV system power output precisely for your business. If an opportunity presents itself, we will advise you on how to sell the surplus energy produced in order to make extra money from it.

Secure your future with us

The right choice of PV system saves on operating costs while respecting the climate and the environment. Each MWh produced from RES means over 700 kg less carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

Gain peace of mind and time to grow your business

The whole process of investing in photovoltaics, the documentation and paperwork; all of it is something we work with every day. We will make sure you’re comfortable at every stage of cooperation.

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