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P+S Group is one of the largest European companies specialising in renewable energy sources. The group includes companies implementing projects in the fields of industrial power, photovoltaics as well as a specialised design studio.
The Projekt Solartechnik Group was founded in 2008 in the German town of Bahretal. Since initiating operations in that market, the company took an active part in the development of the electric power industry. It is thanks to, among others, companies that are members of the Projekt Solartechnik Group that photovoltaic systems became so popular in Western European countries.
In the first years of its operation, P+S mainly focused on the construction of multi-level solar power plants. To this day, the company's showcase is Germany's fourth largest 38MV photovoltaic power station located in Bautzen. Over time, photovoltaics became an area of numerous national funding schemes. The main course of those actions was to popularise micro-installations powering households and businesses. In reaction to such a state of affairs, our company expanded its operations by this very segment of the market.
After concentrating on renewable energy sources for a number of years, the company decided to establish a team responsible for projects in the field of industrial power. Expertise presented in the completion of the first projects made this segment an important and integral part of the Projekt Solartechnik Group's offer.
  • 2008

    Starting operations on the demanding German market
  • 2010

    Expansion to eastern markets. Opening of a branch in Poland
  • 2015

    Solar photovoltaic microinstallations a new field of activity
  • 2017

    Commitment to industrial energy and further expansion

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